Entree LS “The Lucky 7” Bboy battle

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Some Highlights from the Entree LS The Lucky 7 Bboy battle held in Brooklyn New York on August 31st 2013.
Shot by Chris Cofer and Stefanie Alleyne
Edited by Chris Cofer


Entree LS Presents: Misunderstood Riot

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Entree Lifestyle presents the Misunderstood Riot Tee collaboration with Dawn Richard of Danity Kane, as a tribute to Trayvon Martin and the youth of today. On February 26th, 2012, an innocent life of a 17-year-old high school student was taken by an act of gun violence.

Entree Lifestyle continues to support the underrated, misunderstood individuals that are fighting to be heard. The hood on the lion signifies Trayvon Martin and the tragedy that led to his death. The lion represents today’s youth: a generation that is unstoppable.

The expression “Riot” is printed on the sleeve of the t-shirt in contrary to its factual meaning. “Riot” is defined as a violent disturbance of peace; however, this collaboration promotes a silent uprising that promotes amity amongst the youth.

Overall, the theme of the graphic is meant to depict everyone around the world that is uniting as a cause to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. As proud Gold Sponsors of the Trayvon Martin Foundation, a portion of the proceeds from each t-shirt will also be donated in support of The Foundations’ mission to create awareness.

Shot + edited by Chris Cofer

Entree LS “Finally Autumn” Fall Delivery 1

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Entree LS Showroom Launch Party

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Entree LS “Dear Summer” 2013 Summer Collection

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Teddy El Psicopata-Everyday Struggle

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G. Cam-Paranoid Music video

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